Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Proposed redistricting change for Wasatch County legislative seat

The Utah redistricting committee released their proposed map for the state legislature.  Part of Wasatch County gets combined with Park City.  Heber City and Midway get cut in half with this proposal.  You can see the full map here: http://www.redistrictutah.com/maps/house-of-reps/house-redistricting-committee-adopted-house-base-map-91211


  1. Just a heads up that I met with Rep. Powell and Sen. Van Tassell last night about redistricting. They are both doing all they can to keep Wasatch County together. They think they can improve the current maps to keep the county together.

    Aaron Gabrielson

  2. A follow up to this post. The latest maps that made it through committee keep Wasatch County together for our Utah house seat.