Friday, December 7, 2012

Healthcare In America

If you are like me, you are concerned about the ever increasing cost of healthcare.  What is the best way to make healthcare affordable, available and higher quality for everyone? 

The current third party payer system of insurance is deeply flawed.  Trying to solve the problem with a top down government program with thousands of pages of new rules is not the answer. 

A better vision for healthcare would rely on individual choice to preserve the doctor patient relationship, control costs, and increase innovation in medicine.  Consumers should be in charge of their health care dollars and decisions.  Doctors should answer directly to us, not a government bureaucrat or to an insurance executive. 

Some basic reforms could give us a health care system that is patient centered instead of insurance or government centered.  The first step is to end the policy of tying health insurance to employment.  This outdated policy provides tax benefits to businesses for providing insurance to employees.  This should be replaced with an individual credit that would allow everyone to make their own choice about the health care they want.  A subsidy to those that don’t pay taxes would allow everyone to afford needed medical care.

The next step is to reform the insurance market.  Insurance should be portable and stable.  Consumers should feel free to switch plans safely and easily without fear of losing coverage. 

Finally, Utah and the other states should be given the freedom to reform their healthcare systems in the way that suits their citizens best.  Bureaucrats in Washington can only create one size fits all solutions.  Federal solutions tend to be inflexible, inefficient and costly.  The track record of the Federal government is poor when it comes to running large, expensive programs.  Just look at the many bankrupt Federal agencies including: Amtrak, the Postal Service, Federal Housing Administration (FHA), Fannie and Freddie Mac, Medicare and Medicaid.  All of these programs have serious financial problems.  Utah will be much more responsible and responsive to the needs of its citizens than Washington can ever hope to be.

There is a better way.  We don’t have to choose between a healthcare system dominated by insurance companies on one hand or a huge new government bureaucracy on the other.  It is time for individuals to be given control over their own healthcare choices.  Individual freedom and market based solutions are the answer to providing high quality care at affordable prices to all Americans. 

Aaron Gabrielson
Wasatch County Republican Chair

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Republican Candidates

Check out our 1/2 page full color advertisement in the Wasatch Wave today!  We have an excellent slate of candidates that we can be proud of.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sample Ballots available online

Did you know you can view all the issues on your ballot here: ?

You can also get a copy of the Utah Voter Information Guide here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Meet The Candidates Forum - Tuesday October 16th

Wasatch County Candidate Forum
Tuesday, October 16 at 7:00 p.m.
At the Senior Center
Come early to meet the candidates and submit your questions

Offices up for election:

State offices
Board of Education District 12
House Seat 54
Senate Seat 16
Senate Seat 27

Wasatch County School Board
County East
County South
Midway Area

Wasatch County Council
Heber South
County South

Wasatch County Senior Center (Library)
465 East 1200 South
Heber City, Utah

Sponsored by
CornerStone of Freedom
Questions: Call Cammie Nebeker 654-1808

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Make A Difference In November - Vote By Mail Drive Saturday

The November election is coming up fast.  If you are interested in making a difference now is the time.

Rep. Kraig Powell is in a very tight race against well funded Park City Democrat Chris Robinson.  It took twenty years for Wasatch County to get a local Utah House representative and we must work together to hold that seat. Getting Republicans signed up to vote by mail will make the difference in winning because vote by mail delivers a much higher turnout.

I am asking for your help this Saturday as we sign up Republicans to vote by mail so we can win this race!

What: Wasatch County Republican Vote By Mail Drive

Where: Pick up your assignment at:  1442 N Lakeview Drive, Heber City (Valley Hills)

When: Saturday, September 29th 9am – 12pm (Only one hour assignments, show up at 9am, 10am or 11am)

Details: We will be dividing up vote by mail forms and getting as many as possible signed up.  Together we will get another 500 Republicans registered to vote by mail.  

Aaron Gabrielson

Wasatch County GOP Chair

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Notice of Wasatch County GOP Central Committee Meeting

Our next Wasatch County GOP Central Committee Meeting is set for Tuesday, September 4th at 7:00pm.  These meetings are open to the public and anyone that is interested is invited to attend.  All county precinct chairs and vice chairs are required to attend. 

Aaron Gabrielson, County Party Chair

Wasatch County GOP Central Committee Meeting
DATE:  Tuesday, September 4th, 2012
PLACE:  Wasatch County Building, 25 N. Main Street, Heber City
TIME:  7:00pm

Wasatch County GOP Central Committee Agenda

DATE:  Tuesday, September 4, 2012
PLACE:  Wasatch County Building, 25 N. Main Street, Heber City
TIME:  7:00pm

1.     Welcome: Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
2.     Prayer / Pledge: TBD
3.     Adoption of Agenda: Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
4.     Approval of Minutes: Betty Smedley
5.     Officer Reports

Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
Vice Chair Kendell Crittenden
Secretary Betty Smedley
Treasurer Brent Titcomb

6.   Vote by Mail Report: Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
7.   Bylaws Committee Report: Morgan Murdock
8.   Platform Committee Report: Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
9.   Campaign Support
10.  Central Committee Meeting Schedule  
11.  Adjourn

Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Republican For A Reason - By Mike Kohler

Mike Kohler
In a conversation with a niece of mine, I was asked to explain why people are Republicans or Democrats and describe the difference.  My explanation quickly jumped to a discussion about conservatives versus liberals and related government policy decisions and their consequences.  It seems a good place to start now as well.

Looking back, I have been conservative as long as I remember. I learned conservative principles through the example of parents, grandparents, neighbors and community leaders.  Conservative principles like self reliance and hard work, freedom and individual responsibility and industry, freedom to believe in God, compassion for others and reverence to sacred principles.  Republicans believe in honesty and integrity and respect for authority including teachers, police and military. They believe in an extremely strong, seldom used military. Republicans believe freedom, liberty and opportunity are necessary for sustained personal growth. They believe these principles give everyone the opportunity to accomplish great things because of the rewards they might receive or maybe, just because they want to. 

Republicans are compassionate.  They believe in a temporary social safety net for those who need help, not endless handouts that squander resources, destroy self respect, depress individual enterprise and initiative usually ending in dependency.  Republicans believe freedom, liberty and individual effort are the solution to our economic problems.  It’s the people, not government we rely on and that’s why I’m a Republican.

Mike Kohler

Monday, May 28, 2012

Sen. Mike Lee is visiting Heber this Wednesday. There is a youth and scout meeting at 6pm, then a townhall for the public at 7pm. 

Sen. Mike Lee Public Townhall Meeting

Wednesday, May 30th
Heber City Council Chambers
75 N. Main Street, Heber City
7:00pm - 8:00pm

Monday, May 14, 2012

Conservative Convention at Wasatch High School Saturday!

Mia Love, Sen. Mike Lee, Gov. Gary Herbert, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, and Gov. Jan Brewer are at Wasatch High School this Saturday. Don't miss it!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Utah GOP State Convention Results

All the Wasatch County state delegates attended the Utah GOP nominating convention today.  Our state delegates took their job very seriously.  We had over ten hours of one on one meetings with candidates, which were well attended.  I was proud to serve with them.  

Here are some convention results:

Gov. Herbert is the nominee for governor, no primary.
Sen. Hatch and Dan Liljenquist will face each other in a primary for US Senate.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz is the nominee for congress for the 3rd district, no primary.
John Swallow and Sean Reyes will face each other in a primary for Utah Attorney General.
John Dougall and Austin Johnson will face each other in a primary for Utah Auditor.

Thanks to all our delegates and those that voted for them at our county caucuses.

Aaron Gabrielson
County GOP Chair

Monday, March 26, 2012

Wasatch County Convention Results

138 of the 140 county delegates attended the Wasatch County Republican Convention this weekend. Here are the results of the delegate voting. Mike Kohler will be the nominee for the Midway/Charleston county council seat. Jim Ritchie and Steve Farrell did not get 60% of the vote and will go to a primary election.  

Nearly every candidate for state and Federal office was in attendance. Thanks to everyone that came to the convention.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

County Convention this Friday

Speakers at the county convention include county council candidates and elected officials. Also attending will be many state wide candidates including Gov. Gary Herbert, Sen. Orrin Hatch, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

Come early to meet the candidates and learn more about what they stand for. State delegates are highly encouraged to attend, and county delegates will be casting ballots for county council nominees.

Wasatch County Convention
Friday, March 23, 2012
6:30pm - Convention Floor Open
7:30pm - 9:30pm Convention Business and Speakers

Rocky Mountain Middle School
800 W. Schoolhouse Way
Heber City, UT

Friday, March 16, 2012

Meet the Candidates - Friday Night at 7pm

Cornerstone of Freedom is hosting a meet the candidate forum Friday night at 7pm at the Wasatch County Senior Center.  Almost all the candidates for state-wide office will be in attendance including Gov. Herbert.  This event is open to the public, don't miss it!

Meet the Candidates Forum

Friday, March 16, 7pm
Wasatch Senior Center
465 E. 1200 S.
Heber City, UT 

Wasatch County Delegates - Full Listing

Congratulations to all the delegates elected during the caucus meetings. 

Wasatch County State Delegates

First Name Last Name Precinct
Wylder Smith 10
Gary Turner 11
Shauna Bennett 12
Kendall Crittenden 12
Marjorie Carlile 13
Kelleen Potter 14
Laurie Turnblom 20
Morgan Murdock 21
Lynette Mcnaughtan 22
Kim Powell 22
Georgeann McNaughtan 23
Robert Heywood 23
Kevin Braddy 24
Marin Gogan 25
Aaron Gabrielson 25
Richard Lee 30
Lynette Berg 31
Ralph Duke 32
Gregory Gagon 33
Reg Anderson 33
Betty Smedley 34
Lanay King 40
Anissa Wardell 41
Ryan Starks 42
Ronda Rose 43
Perry Olsen 44
Riley Risto 50
Marilyn Larsen 50
David Nielson 51
James Kelson 51
Malinda Powers 53
Shad Sorenson 53
Michael Kohler 54
Norman Durtschi 55

Wasatch County Delegates

First Name Last Name Precinct
Glen Hackamack 10
Kieth Rawlings 10
Gary Turner 11
Quintin Lewis 11
Nancy Black 11
Jonathan Baker 11
George Bennett 12
Jared Rigby 12
Marjorie Carlile 13
Murl Rawlins 13
Martin Chatterley 13
Case Sheldon 13
Sheldon Case 13
Brent Baum 13
Paul King 14
Thomas Bonner 14
Jeremy Hales 14
David Remington 14
Sid Ostergaard 14
Quinton Bennion 14
Rachel Checketts 20
Barbara Brown 20
Allen Luke 20
Ralph Ogilvie 21
Matthew Bocanegra 21
Jared Bowman 21
Morgan Murdock 21
Allan Gehring 22
Druann Lacey 22
Robert Brandt 22
Peter Sorensen 22
Brian Balls 22
Benjamin Mcnaughtan 22
Douglas Hardy 23
Jason Danley 23
Sheila Johnston 23
Cliffie Johnson 23
Kathy Day 23
Corey Berg 23
James Ritchie 23
Corbin Gordon 24
Alfred Bruce Heywood 24
Lenell Heywood 24
Heidi Franco 24
Alisa Ellis 24
Gregory Critchfield 25
Tyler Dow 25
Karl McDonald 25
David Rimington 25
Jerry Halls 25
Gilbert Olsen 30
Benjamin Koerselman 30
Shelly Olsen 30
Deanna Lloyd 30
Diane Burgener 31
Elizabeth Palmier 31
David Fife 31
Korey Walker 31
Glen Burgener 31
Bryan Mahoney 31
Robert Wren 31
Robert Briggs 32
Ralph Duke 32
James Penington 32
Randall Larson 33
Matthew Larson 33
Nathan Orton 33
Michael Bronson 33
Edward Rhoades 33
Parker Mossman 33
Ryan Holmes 33
Gregory Mcphie 34
Jacob Matthews 34
Lengel Anderson 34
Bobbie Dorrity 34
Dan Matthews 34
David Phillips 40
Julie Titcomb 40
Darryl Glissmeyer 40
Eugene Pytel 40
Michael Thurber 40
Mark Seiter 40
Ronald Crittenden 40
Anissa Wardell 41
Carolyn Owens 42
Linda Turner 42
Ryan Starks 42
Charla Brown 42
Larry Ward 43
Kipp Bangerter 43
Jeffery Heftel 43
Eric Bunker 43
Raymond Binkerd 43
Lance Turner 43
Carolyn Andra 44
Penny Flory 44
Kendra Raby 44
I. Laree Pedro 44
Candyce Barrett 50
Russel Kohler 50
Alan Neerings 50
John Oleson 50
Launa Nielson 50
Roger Urry 50
Rendt Martin 50
Donald Maxfield 51
Britt Wilde 51
Scott Walton 51
Ty Briggs 51
Robert Probst 51
Bradley Colovich 51
Richard Hines 51
Robert Adams 51
Maureen Griffiths 52
Walter Sanders 52
Kent Probst 52
Judith Sanders 52
Mark Nelson 52
Mary McCluskey 52
Thomas Grose 52
Nancee Heckel 53
Jay Price 53
Clair Provost 53
Steven Farrell 53
William Young 53
Arlin Kohler 53
Andy Pierce 53
Grant Kohler 54
Jason Price 54
Michael Kohler 54
Randall Probst 54
John Kowallis 55
Ramie Winterton 55
James Sabey 55
Bonnie Durtschi 55