Saturday, February 11, 2012

Lincoln Day Breakfast success

The Wasatch County Lincoln Day breakfast was a big success!  We had 18 speakers in 80 minutes in front of a sold out room and a great Soldier Hollow Breakfast.

Speakers included Gov. Gary Herbert, Sen. Orrin Hatch, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz.  In addition, almost all candidates for state wide office were in attendance, as well as our three state senators and Utah House representative, Kraig Powell.  

Thanks to everyone that made this event successful.  

Below are the straw poll results.  Only Wasatch County residents were given ballots.  

Governor: Herbert - 100, Philpot - 21, Kirkham -10, Sumsion - 2

Senate: Hatch - 91, Liljenquist - 26, Herrod - 12, Brunson - 5, Friedbaum - 1
Attorney General - Swallow - 80, Reyes - 50

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