Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Republican For A Reason - By Mike Kohler

Mike Kohler
In a conversation with a niece of mine, I was asked to explain why people are Republicans or Democrats and describe the difference.  My explanation quickly jumped to a discussion about conservatives versus liberals and related government policy decisions and their consequences.  It seems a good place to start now as well.

Looking back, I have been conservative as long as I remember. I learned conservative principles through the example of parents, grandparents, neighbors and community leaders.  Conservative principles like self reliance and hard work, freedom and individual responsibility and industry, freedom to believe in God, compassion for others and reverence to sacred principles.  Republicans believe in honesty and integrity and respect for authority including teachers, police and military. They believe in an extremely strong, seldom used military. Republicans believe freedom, liberty and opportunity are necessary for sustained personal growth. They believe these principles give everyone the opportunity to accomplish great things because of the rewards they might receive or maybe, just because they want to. 

Republicans are compassionate.  They believe in a temporary social safety net for those who need help, not endless handouts that squander resources, destroy self respect, depress individual enterprise and initiative usually ending in dependency.  Republicans believe freedom, liberty and individual effort are the solution to our economic problems.  It’s the people, not government we rely on and that’s why I’m a Republican.

Mike Kohler

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