Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Make A Difference In November - Vote By Mail Drive Saturday

The November election is coming up fast.  If you are interested in making a difference now is the time.

Rep. Kraig Powell is in a very tight race against well funded Park City Democrat Chris Robinson.  It took twenty years for Wasatch County to get a local Utah House representative and we must work together to hold that seat. Getting Republicans signed up to vote by mail will make the difference in winning because vote by mail delivers a much higher turnout.

I am asking for your help this Saturday as we sign up Republicans to vote by mail so we can win this race!

What: Wasatch County Republican Vote By Mail Drive

Where: Pick up your assignment at:  1442 N Lakeview Drive, Heber City (Valley Hills)

When: Saturday, September 29th 9am – 12pm (Only one hour assignments, show up at 9am, 10am or 11am)

Details: We will be dividing up vote by mail forms and getting as many as possible signed up.  Together we will get another 500 Republicans registered to vote by mail.  

Aaron Gabrielson

Wasatch County GOP Chair