Saturday, January 26, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Axel Burt - age 9

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Axel Burt, age 9

How do conservative principles create happiness?

Conservative principles make great happiness because if we didn’t conserve our Constitution we wouldn’t have rights,  like we wouldn't  have the rights to vote, we wouldn’t have the rights to keep our  religion, and we wouldn't be able to keep our guns and if we didn’t have guns we wouldn't be as safe.

For example, if the Herman family in Georgia didn’t have a gun the mother couldn’t  have saved her children, if  the guns were taken away. Another example is at the Connecticut school shooting. A crazy person would probably not have gone in if    the teachers and the principal  had a gun.

What if one day you woke up and you couldn't be in your religion that would be terrible.

On the other hand there's the progressive principal it sounds so good but it's not . With progressive principle they're progressing away from the Constitution and when America is all the way away from the Constitution all of that stuff that I said earlier will come true. We wouldn't  vote, we wouldn't have our religion, we wouldn't have guns and lots of more stuff.

President Obama is using the progressive principle.  He says he will redistribute our taxes. He collects the taxes and then says that he will give it to the poor but he gives only a tiny piece of it to the poor, but keeps a lot of it for his ideas and uses it for his parties. Just a couple of days ago he used $250 million for a party called Inauguration.

Progressive principles do not bring happiness; progressive principles are the opposite of conservative principles. The people that wrote the Constitution in 1787 remembered what bad government was like back in Europe , so they put lots of freedom in the Constitution  but not so much to make it dangerous in America.

In America they gave three groups the power not one big ruler or king. A  lot of people think that President Obama is in charge of  everything but he is not. There's three parts of the government, congress is one part , supreme court   is one part, and there is the executive branch which is President  Obama's third.    

The founding fathers  that wrote the Constitution  wanted America to be free and happy unlike other countries . Some people wanted George  Washington  to be a king but the founding fathers knew not to have a king, because they knew at one point we would get a bad king so to be on the safe side they agreed on having a government with laws and the Constitution. This is called a republic.

The laws protect us. For example with laws a police can't just barge in our house and take my skateboard or our family's gun.  In countries without good Constitutions the police could do that.
This is why conservative principles bring great happiness to us.

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