Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by David Hendricksen

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

By David Hendricksen

When our conservative views and ideas are disposed of,  there is no room for change for better,  let alone worse, and the way of life stays the same  where many struggle to survive and a few always have plenty.  There are those who would say unto those with less, “Look yonder!  We will give you an apple if you will but suffer for a while longer and pay us, your leaders, all our upkeep and a large salary - much more than you will ever get in your working position - because we are worth more than you in our position.  We are more important!  We have a title!  If you will continue doing these things, we, the leaders, will let you continue to live under our rules, even if they are not fair to all so you should feel grateful and honored to have us control your lives at our desired wants.”  
            As long as we are disposed to maintain our existing views with the laws and imposed taxations which exist today for the maintaining of the few, with the majority of the subjects trusting in their judgment to do right for us all, the conditions will never change and life will continue as it presently exists - whether good or bad.  Yes, this life style will continue until those in charge decide to make it so everyone is on the same page, treated with equality and fairness across the board, and we all pay the same percentage of our income for the upkeep of the governing body of our nation and states and towns.  As long as we continue the conservative principles that we presently have on the books, there will always be subjects paying and rulers taking from them for personal use plus more.

            One of the major problems that loom in the future is when there become fewer subjects to work and support the rulers because they are dying or cannot work anymore.  Where will the resources come from to support the rulers in their high-end life style, with their expensive toys that many cannot have?

            The solution to this problem is easy and obvious - incorporate fair and righteous guidelines and rules which first start with the person asking GOD for the help to make these rules and then live BY the rules that are made, NOT ABOVE those rules, and incorporate the philosophy, “I will do unto others what God would do and what I would like done to me.”

            Fairness, kindness, EQUALITY, and consideration  in all conditions and at all times and in all places  should be our guidelines  when making rules  for our communities  and nation to  follow, asking God for inspiration in all our  works and deeds  for ourselves  and others.  We should ask the question before doing anything, “Would God do this?”

            If our governing bodies would take into their souls and minds the qualities of God-like actions and speech, our nations would not experience any problems of debt or any other challenges that we are presently facing.

            Happiness and prosperity are unlikely at the present time under the present rules set for us to live by.                                                                

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