Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Diana Smith

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

The Conservative Party
by Diana Smith

Many Americans enjoy knowing that the government does not have complete control. These are one of the many things that the Conservative Party brings to the table to ensure the happiness of Americans. There are two different parties, the Conservative and the Liberal. Generally the Conservative party focuses on personal responsibility and gives the freedom necessary to pursue their own goals.  In the conservative party they have made principals to act upon what they believe is better for Americans.

The conservative party wanted to estate these principals for the people of American so the government could not take complete control. The adoption of these principals happened in December of 1964. Throughout these ten principals there are statements that the conservative party hopes will better American lives. In 1824, Andrew Jackson made large debates over the issues and by this time there were a large number of citizens able to vote. In 1828 the number of voters grew tremendously due to the speeches of Andrew Jackson. The beginning of the Republican Party was first formed in 1854; however the Republicans first gained powers in 1860 when Republican president Abraham Lincoln was elected into office. 

            The Republican Party is also known as the “Conservative Party” because they favor traditional values and ideas. Over the course of many years the Conservative Party has gained strength for the presidents from their party being voted into office. One of the main reasons that they conservative party was created was to end the slavery going on in the nation. When the party was split into two by the slavery, the south being the opposing party because they wanted to keep slavery and the north were the people that supported this party. The party was very liked by the farmers and middle class men. The party won over the business men by backing and sounding money policies. In the 1930’s the party took a downfall because of the great depression. The Republican Party held many meetings for anti-slavery. Most of the meetings were held were held up north and they were working for the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, which stated the end to slavery and the uprising of the Republican Party. Over the course of hundreds of year the nation is still split between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

            The principals and the Party go hand in hand with the views of their people. Both the Liberal Party and the Conservative party have different beliefs. Many famous debate speeches focus around these two parties and their belief systems. Some of their beliefs are things such as abortion, education, gun control, health care and many others. When the nation disagrees it is usually because of one of these topics. Many Americans agree with these beliefs and that could apply to the happiness and prosperity of Americans. The Conservative Party helps with the freedom of Americans and the rights that are associated, so the government does not have complete control of the people. The people of America finally have a say in how the government runs our country and the Conservative party helps with that. 

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