Thursday, January 31, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Jon Jacobsmeyer

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Jon Jacobsmeyer

            I have lived a long and wonderful life up to this point.  I have traveled all over this planet and seen many different cultures and experienced life as other people live it.  One thing that always thrills me is the desire to return home to America and enjoy what we all take for granted.  It is with this in mind that I question the title of this essay.  Having happiness and Prosperity is a desire of all people, not just Americans and Conservatism is a cornerstone for achieving those things.

            I truly believe that this country has been blessed and watched over since it came into existence.  The so-called “Founding Fathers”, who framed the constitution and set the foundation upon which this Nation was built, did no more than put into writing their conservative values and practices which had allowed them to prosper in this new land of opportunity.  Those values were based on one fundamental belief, that hard work and taking care of oneself would lead to a better life.  This was the basic truth that the pioneers took with them as they forged into the wilderness where there was no one else to call upon for help.  It was the pride of each of them that kept them going, building homes, plowing fields, raising children, and providing food and clothing for their families that gave them the strength to overcome the hardships of frontier life.  Were they happy?  Extremely so!  They lived close to each other and joyed in each others accomplishments.  They might have only had one room and a dirt floor, but they had neighbors that would help them when they needed it.  It was mutual survival.  It was what made Americans so strong.  It was the “I can do it myself” attitude that carried them through life, needing very little from anyone else to make them happy.

            And now to the present.  We are no longer a happy nation.  We have Politicians that are trying to promote “Class Warfare” between the well to do and everyone else.  We have a government that has grown so large that we are on the verge of bankruptcy trying to make everyone equally wealthy without the investment of effort and hard work.  It’s a fool’s paradise to think that we deserve to get everything our neighbors have without having to walk in their moccasins.  The conservative principle of self reliance is fundamental to achieving prosperity and happiness.  The founding Fathers knew this fact and granted very limited power to the Federal Government.  The States would decide what was best for their citizens because it was the citizens who elected their representatives.  That made it much more important to be elected in the local and state elections than going to Washington and sitting in Congress.  Federal elections now cost millions and it is expected that whoever wins will be set for life after only one term weather they do a good job or not. 

            It is said that every Millionaire was at one time bankrupt but went right out and tried again, and again, and again until he or she was successful.  It is these people that we should esteem and seek to be like.  Not some sports figure that gets millions to play a game for us or a Lotto winner who spends all the money quickly and dies poor.  

            It has always been my philosophy of life that, “if I had enough money to do the things that I want, when I want, then I am rich”.  If only we could get the government to practice conservatism we would not have to worry for our grandchildren having to pay off the national debt, if that is in fact possible.  Think of the benefits of having a balanced budget, not owing foreign countries massive amounts of money.  That would truly be a sign of having a happy country.  Some of that money could be used to take better care of our veterans and older citizens.  We could pave our highways, rebuild our bridges, find jobs for the unemployed, etc. etc.   Our government spends entirely too much money foolishly and expects the citizens to foot the bill without question.  Our schools, for the most part, no longer teach the fundamentals of science and math which allow our kids to find jobs in industry.  We have become a nation of, “it’s okay as long as the kids feel good about themselves”, rather than promoting ethics and hard work to foster a feeling of accomplishment and self reliance.

            We are now a nation where we are ignored by the people we elect to govern us.  We have become a people with our hands out, begging for something that we don’t have to work for.  It is a sickness that will eventually cause this great nation to crash into second class status and be dictated to by some nation that has grown stronger or richer than us.  The future isn’t bright for our kids unless we return to the conservative principles that started this great nation.  Hard work, self reliance, and most of all self responsibility for our own existence and happiness.  This is the path we should be taking and only then will prosperity return to make us strong again.  The principles haven’t changed in over two hundred years.  What’s changed is that we’ve become lazy and fall for phony get rich quick scams and that doesn’t promote happiness or prosperity.

            Perhaps it is our fate to sink into third world living conditions.  When only a small percentage of the citizens even bother to vote, the principle of self determination and self reliance falls by the wayside.  Wake up America or doom your kids and grandkids to a lifestyle we have seen in other countries where the Government controls everything.

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