Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Kelly Jarvis

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Kelly B. Jarvis Sr.

There are so many conservative principles which if they were adhered to—would without question lead to the greater happiness and fulfillment of all Americans. But there is not space in a short essay to do deal with  them all so I must single out just one: the startling loss of state and local rights and the loss of freedoms the disappearance of those rights bring to all of us.

Our rights come from God to the individual. (See Declaration of Independence) Through our Constitution, the individuals delegate  limited powers to their state governments and the states in turn delegate limited powers to the federal government.  Under the Almighty, and His inspired Constitution, it does not happen the other way around.  If so, the federal government would have to believe it presumes to have the power to delegate to God his power.  I have observed some Presidents and other officials who thought they had that power. That would be the ultimate in presumptuousness.  When the Almighty chooses to one day exact an accounting from those who trample on  his laws, I wouldn’t want to be found in the same class with those who have done so.

The usurpation of states and local rights first leads to loss of freedoms, but because this has gone on for so many decades, we now behold endstage,  soul-destroying totalitarian-style socialism.  We, as citizens have permitted this to occur by our lack of vigilance and bold action over those who seek their agendas over the public good.

Every hamlet and city  has a particular case in point of how this wresting of  rights away from the people and their local decisions occurs:

In Heber Valley, from 1999 to 2004--five to six airport hearings were convened wherein hundreds of  citizens appeared at these videotaped and transcribed proceedings to protest the transformation of  the small Heber glider port to a regional jetport. Despite the clear overwhelming opposition to the plan and the pollultion and noise it would create, Heber City continued with plans it had started in 1992-- that of  condemning the property of land owners surrounding the airport as it went forth with its jetport  expansion. In one particular case which became known as Heber City versus Lowell and Sandra Simpson--the Simpson family was offered so little compensation --they refused accept it, so Heber City hauled them into court.   Heber City had declared that the property was landlocked and therefore of  little value.   The property had not been landlocked until the city itself had closed the access the Simpsons had to the property in 1989 or 1990. 

Lower courts found in favor of Heber City, but eventually the case went to the Utah Supreme Court and the court said,  “We reverse the district court's decision that the Airport Road (which Heber City had removed) was not a public highway under section 27-12-89, and we remand for further proceedings to determine the just compensation to be paid by Heber City as a result of its condemnation of the Simpsons' property.”
Heber City was emboldened to take such an action against a local family by  the intervention of  the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).  Many believe that the FAA had promised to bail the city out of any morass it found itself in with regard to the condemning of  private family land surrounding the airport. This year, Heber City seeks again to obtain up to $28 million from the FAA for further expansion despite the overwhelming local opposition.  Nearly five percent of that sum must come from the city.  How will the city obtain that sum without raising taxes on citizens?  It may hit up some other federal agency or private company to provide the co-payment so that it doesn’t have to go to the electorate with the scheme.  It knows it can circumvent local opposition by obtaining federal (FAA) and other help.  The bulk of the help, we now know-- comes from printed money that our treasury creates out of thin air to cover the national government’s massive, continuous deficit spending.  Economists such as Milton Friedman have exposed how this lowers the purchasing power of all other dollars in circulation (including the ones you work two to three jobs to earn) and slams the average citizen with two blows:  devaluation of currency he/she possesses, and reduces his/her ability to fight city hall on local issues in court, city councils, and hearings.

What is so ironic, is that for years the city had displayed on its own municipal letterhead the picture of a glider plane flying in the air against a backdrop of Timpanogos. This was done to convince residents and businesses from other places that Heber Valley was a more pristine place to live.   Despite this municipally-backed marketing plan, Heber City officials lured by the potential  of  jet fuel sales and hangar rentals, chose to disregard the citizenry.   Studies have shown that with our valley’s high surrounding mountains, pollutants from  the local power plant cannot be scoured out during the winter when there is not enough thermal rise in wind currents. We have seen the thick layers of smoke and  haze as a result of our disregard of this natural impediment so why pollute our valley with additional smog just so that people who do not live here can get to their $5 million dollar homes twenty minutes faster in Park City? 

Last week (mid-January 2013), the overwhelming odor of jet fuel exhaust was so strong, it made people gag who lived in the airport area. Not only is every person’s purchasing power diminished by out of control federal spending, but our lungs are irreparably damaged by out-of-control federal meddling financed by printed money.

It used to be that when local citizens, opposed an initiative, funds dried up for that initiative. But federal meddling, more often than not, circumvents the local voice of the people and massive amounts of printed money are expended for a project anyway.     In years past when the Constitution was actually considered `Supreme Law of the Land’ (as oaths of office affirm), a city would normally not have legal right to the funds to expand an airport when the citizens said, “no”.  The fed would have had to respect local decisions.  We don’t need to stop federal expansion by flying to Washington D.C.  We need to stop local officials from aiding and abetting the destruction of states’ rights.

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