Thursday, January 17, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Lamont Dorrity

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Lamont Dorrity

Wake up America!  America, please wake up!  We can no longer afford to destroy the greatest country in the world.

Millions of Americans have lost sight of the “American Dream”.  Make no mistake—America has traditionally been the greatest, most trusted, most just, most successful, most influential and most charitable country in the world.  This is because the founding fathers were honest, inspired men.  They were focused on creating a country that allowed all men equal rights and privileges.  They created a country with limited government intentionally—and for VERY GOOD REASONS.  They knew firsthand what happens when governments, and their leadership, become too large and powerful.  They knew that large governments lead to fewer freedoms, fewer opportunities and eventually repression.

They created an environment that rewarded hard work and success.  Until recently the majority of America believed in the American dream.  Now, because a few key leaders in Washington are unable to manage taxpayer money and spending, they are trying to demonize people that have accomplished the American dream.   Instead of making the hard decisions associated with reductions in spending—these leaders have chosen to increase taxes and revenues.  These leaders want Americans to turn a blind eye to their desires to increase taxes so they demonize the wealthy and successful.  All while ignoring the fact that the majority of these successful people are honest, hardworking people.

Since when did hate, jealousy, intolerance, intellectual blindness, political mean spiritedness, dishonesty and slander become socially accepted character traits in high public office?  Since when did it become acceptable for America’s leadership to spew and promote hate and distrust?  Contrary to popular current leadership belief—economic success and wealth are not character flaws.  As mentioned, the vast majority of America’s wealthy are good, honest, hardworking Americans.   If an honest person is fortunate enough to develop a successful business or career—they shouldn’t be punished.  They should be applauded!  Since when did redistribution of wealth by increased taxation (or punitive punishment as some leadership make it seem) become the accepted practice and point of view???)

If our leadership want to really be “FAIR” (as they put it)—shouldn’t they be pushing for an equality based approach?  Why not push for true fairness and equality in taxation?  A good example might be an equal tax percentage for EVERYONE.  A flatter tax may be the only real “fair” approach to taxation.  It makes no sense to punish any specific group with higher taxes.

The REAL problem is not, nor has it ever been, a shortage of tax revenue.  The REAL problem is government spending and entitlements (size and pervasiveness of government).  Reduced spending and entitlements would be the FAIR thing to do.  A more efficient and effective government would be the fair thing to do.  Where is our government leadership on FAIRNESS when it comes to spending on absurd (completely shameful, wasteful) pork projects (earmarks)?!  It seems our leadership is “missing in action” on FAIRNESS (and sanity) when it comes to spending.

If Washington keeps increasing our debt, printing money and spending our taxpayer dollars like drunken sailors—all Americans will suffer.  The dollar will continue to drop in value against other world currencies and America will continue to be mortgaged by often unfriendly foreign interests.

Constant irresponsible spending of “the peoples’” money is not a game (even though our leadership treats it that way).  It should never be manipulated for political posturing (or returning favors to unions, donors or lobbies).  This type of behavior is shameful, dishonest and harmful.  This money is our present and future.  It is the financial lifeblood of the greatest nation on the planet.  Shame on Washington for frivolously wasting it!  Their inability to manage spending is destroying the future of this country.  Can Washington leadership not see that their irresponsible actions painfully limit options for current and future generations of Americans (our children and their children)?

Wake-up America!  Only “we the people” can fix this government monster that threatens to destroy the world’s greatest country.  Start voting for what is right and true.  Start voting again for what made America great in the first place!  Stop being complacent and indifferent to the corruption that is spreading like wildfire in the ranks and leadership of this great country.  Demonstrate to our leadership that FAIRNESS and common sense are still alive in America’s citizens.  Stop turning a blind eye to political agendas and overt corrupt practices by our government leaders!  Remind Washington that they are elected officials.  Elected officials at all levels are accountable to the American people.  They are obligated to conservatively and responsibly manage taxpayer dollars.  They are also obligated to listen to the taxpayers.  Make your voice heard at all levels of government.  Wake-up and make a difference!

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