Saturday, January 26, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Makenzie Gabrielson

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Makenzie Gabrielson - age 13

Free Enterprise is a conservative principal. Free Enterprise creates and protects lasting happiness and prosperity for all Americans. It promotes real fairness, and it helps the most vulnerable. This principal states that we Americans should be able to keep what we earn and not be restrained by government interference.

Free enterprise creates and protects lasting happiness. Does money buy happiness? No, money does not buy happiness. Happiness comes from hard work. We should have to work for our accomplishments. Studies have shown that people who work for their success are happier than people who don’t earn their success. When you have to go the extra mile and fight that uphill battle you feel better about what comes out of it. Arthur Brooks from the American enterprise institute said, "Free enterprise is the only system that lets us pursue our happiness by earning our success.”

Free enterprise promotes real fairness. Some politicians think that we should spread the wealth around. They are trying to do good but it just doesn't work that way. Handing people money does not solve our problems. The real fairness comes from rewarding people that work hard and earn their success. Work, accomplishment, and feelings of self-worth are what make people happy. Handing people money does the opposite. It lowers their feeling of self worth and accomplishment.

Free enterprise helps the poor and vulnerable. Free enterprise says that businesses are free to create products anyway they want. When government tries to take care of people it may help them in the short run but in the long run it causes damage. You can hurt people with your compassion. People who go on government welfare rarely come off. It traps them, most often times even their kids are on it too. Being on government welfare ruins your motivation to work. If government is paying for your house then why do you need to work? Because government welfare is ruining peoples motivation to work they aren't moving up in social class. People aren't being all they can be, they aren't reaching their true potential. It really effects people's ability to be happy. It becomes very hard for them to truly earn and work for their success.      
Free enterprise rewards people for earning and working for their success. This principal truly impacts the happiness and prosperity of all Americans... everyone, everywhere.  We don't want to be controlled by government interference. We want happiness which is going to come from the values of free enterprise. People say that the moral core of free enterprise is greed. Arthur Brooks said, "the moral core of free enterprise is not greed, the moral core of free enterprise is earned success." The American enterprise institute said, "Earned success is the belief that you have created value in your life, and value in the lives of other people." Free enterprise requires that the government doesn't control our economic lives. We have to get jobs that go with what we love to do and our passions. We need to be free people. Free to earn our success. We don't want money just dropped in our hands. We need to work for it.

A 2001 survey conducted by an Ohio State University research team, found that working individuals who "did not feel responsible for their own successes spent about 25 percent more of their day feeling sad than those who said they felt they were responsible. This was true whether they were materially prosperous or not." We need to earn our success to be happy. You cannot just have success handed to you, what is the satisfaction in that? Arthur Brooks said, "There is a huge amount of research showing that money, when earned, has a generally positive association with happiness. The problem is when it is unearned, when raw purchasing power is untethered from hard work and merit. Above basic subsistence, happiness comes not from money per se, but from the rewarding process of value creation.” I believe that free enterprise is the answer. It can make people so much happier and create a better country. Free enterprise is a conservative principle that DOES have a positive impact on the lives of ALL Americans, it creates and protects lasting happiness and prosperity for everyone!

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