Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Zack Healey

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Zack Healey


Liberalist has a good idea when it comes to health care. Most people in the United States are suffering to get hospital help. It’s a great idea to give or create free health care. Even my family needs it. I have suffered from anxiety and allot of other things as well as my parents, my sister, and my brother. People who are out on the streets need good health care. They may die of simple things like the flu or something easy to treat. People don’t have the money to spend 700 dollars just on family health care and children are suffering from it.

The economic views are a bit different than what is good for the people. Government should help out all citizens and find a way to higher taxes. People couldn’t afford things then even if they never could before, which would hurt them even more. More people would be unhappy with the money they earn.

 Their Social views are quite weird; they believe that gays should have as much rights as a normal person, even though most people are quite uncomfortable around them. There have been strikes lately to get their rights back so they can have marriage. It’s uncomfortable to be around them but that doesn’t mean that they can’t have rights like a straight person.

 People should have to look for help from the government; they should just learn from their mistakes, get a degree and earn their way through the world. Otherwise people would grow up to lean on the government, what if the government crashed and they would be in a bad spot for depending on the government. Even though that probably won’t happen I defiantly believe in self-discipline.


Their views are quite different they prefer little help from the government. This is a good thing like I said earlier.

The government should spend less and tax less. Their budget should be their prize possession, which to me sounds quite like a very good idea and it would help the economy more, it would help millions of people and even help the homeless if they can get jobs.

 There social views are more or less quite rude and correct to me they are against gays and abortions, which I am against abortions as well.  They agree with the right to bear arms, which I totally agree with. I think everyone has the right to protect themselves. Their laws are enacted to affect society as a whole which is a basic bonus; because everyone is different and deserves to have their own rights but if everybody starts to kill each other than we need a lay against that.

My Thoughts

These are just some of my views on both which I agree with some and disagree with some.  I definitely am a mixture of both, I am with the whole budget is every, I am with the right to bear arms, and I agree everyone has the right to like whoever even though it’s disgusting. I disagree with raising taxes, this really grinds my gears. People just don’t have the money. I’m just a mix I can agree and then I totally disagree so there are my points.

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