Saturday, February 2, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Christianna Burt

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Christianna Burt - age 15

Right now one of the hottest topics circulating our media is gun control. Some people say that common sense demands that the government confiscate guns to prevent death while other people say common sense demands that citizens maintain the right to protect themselves not only from intruders but from the historically common fact of governments oppressing people using weapon control.

Although the ideas presented by those who wish to take away guns may sound appealing, it all comes back to freedom. Are we not willing to take the risks that come with having guns to keep freedom?

Some people say no. Senator Gabrielle Gifford from Arizona has been in the news lately saying, "Too many children are dying." She promotes gun control and her case is made stronger by the fact that she was in the news not long ago when she was shot in a grocery store.

On the other hand, the Herman family of Georgia have also been in the news lately. They promote gun rights. Mrs. Herman saved the lives of her children and herself because she had a gun and used it when an intruder broke down doors to try to hurt them when they were hiding in the attic.

The foundation of America has from the start been based on conservative principles. Our founding fathers did not build America to be governed and controlled by an overpowering government, but instead they founded America to get away from the controlling England. Why then do we try to push towards a bigger national government? The conservative principles affect the happiness and prosperity of the American people by giving us many freedoms.

Isn’t that what we strive for as an American people? We have fought numerous wars and lost thousands and thousands of precious lives for the concept of freedom.  We struggle to be brave in the times when it would be so much easier to surrender the wars against those trying to take away our freedoms because we want to be free from the control of others.

That is why conservative principles affect our happiness and prosperity positively. Conservatives believe in limited government, which is the only practical thing to believe in. We should not let our government become so controlling that the collective government is stronger than individuals' freedoms.

When we study history, wars are sparked from too much control and greed for power. If we want to stay a peaceful and prosperous nation without contention and war, we need to learn from our past and implement more conservative principles in the laws we pass and support.

History has shown that when a government takes away the weapons of the people, it is almost effortless to continue to take away more and more freedoms. Without weapons, the people are powerless against other nations, and even against their own nation if it is necessary. We have the right to bear arms. It says it right in our constitution, the document that was written to protect us from ever being under the control of a government like England's ever again. That document  was written so we would have our freedom.  No matter how many terrible incidents have happened with guns, we are still entitled to bear arms. It is one of the many freedoms we have that makes America so successful.

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