Friday, February 1, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Colton Osguthorpe

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Colton Osguthorpe

Conservative principles affect everyday American’s lives in many ways. There are many Conservative principles and ideals, the most treasured being personal responsibility, individual liberty, traditional American values, the free market, and limited government. But how do these principles and ideals affect American citizens?

Personal responsibility is a principle that conservatives value and follow. Today we can see this principle being applied in state legislatures around the country. Conservative majorities are practicing fiscal responsibility. They understand that it is irresponsible to allow so much debt be accumulated by governments. They are enacting legislation to reduce debt not only to help themselves but future generations. This directly affects every day Americans. Public debt is a huge issue and conservatives are applying these principles to remedy the situation and keep the burden of outrageous spending off the shoulders of future generations. Conservatives don’t only believe in personal responsibility when it comes to fiscal discipline but also when it comes to their personal lives. Conservative people believe in taking responsibility for their actions. Whether it be mistakes or successes. They realize that what their actions have consequences and they must evaluate these consequences and decide not only how they will affect them but also how they will affect their fellow Americans and future generations. This affects American citizens when it comes to the welfare programs that are being debated in Washington. Conservatives believe that people should take responsibility for their actions; people on welfare programs need to be taught not how to ask for assistance but how to help themselves. Conservatives aren’t heartless monsters trying to save money, they care about the people on welfare, and they don’t want to see them dependent on someone else. They want them to be independent and responsible for themselves. This is a main tenant of conservatism, being responsible for yourself and your actions and not having to rely on someone else especially the government.

Individual liberty is another conservative value that directly affects the lives of Americans. Conservative political organizations are fighting everyday to maintain and enhance individual liberties. All across the country conservatives are standing up and defending the rights of not only their fellow conservatives but everyone else. Conservatives defend religion and freedom of speech. This ties in with the conservative principle of adhering to traditional American values. Our forefathers were not fools; they created the constitution and our form of government for a reason. They laid the groundwork for the most successful and powerful nation the earth has ever seen. They created a system where everyone has a chance to succeed and everyone is represented in government. Today many say that in a changing world we must give up some of our traditional values. Conservatives have and will continue to stand up for traditional American values whether it is defending the family or the constitution.

Conservatives have always been in favor of a free market system where individual merit and ingenuity decide your wealth and social status. America is facing many complicated questions on the role of government in economic affairs. Conservatives will fight to keep government out of the economy and promote a free market system. This affects Americans in many ways. Conservatives in government will oppose high taxes, too much regulation, and promote America as a business friendly environment. Your business will face fewer obstacles on its path to success if conservatives have their way. Some would say that conservatives want tax breaks only for the rich, but this is not true, they want all Americans to have lower taxes and more money in their bank accounts. The conservative belief in the free market system and its ability to generate unheard of wealth and prosperity helps Americans and the American economy. Conservatives will fight to maintain this wonderful system that has allowed us to be the prosperous nation that we are.

Limited government is something that conservatives hold dear. According to Investopedia limited government is “A political system in which legalized force is restricted through delegated and enumerated powers. The United States Constitution, and particularly the Bill of Rights, were designed to limit government's role to what America's founding fathers saw as government's most essential functions: To preserve individual liberty and protect private property.” Conservatives believe that the federal government was designed to preserve individual liberty, defend the nation from enemies foreign and domestic, and protect private property. Everything else should be regulated and decided by local and state governments. Individual citizens know what they need and want and can better get what they need and want through their local governments. Conservatives also believe that the federal government must never override the checks and balances set in the Constitution of the United States. No one should have too much power.

Conservative principles and ideals affect every American’s happiness and prosperity. Conservative political groups and organizations help create local, state and national policy. Low taxes and a free market system will always be supported by Conservatives. Conservative ideals influence every decision made in government. Conservatives will always defend personal liberties and traditional American values, they will always live by their most treasured principle of personal responsibility and help others become responsible for themselves. They will always defend the constitution and promote limited government. Conservative principles affect every American's life, hopefully for the better.

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