Saturday, February 2, 2013

Essay Contest Submission by Richie Lowe

"How do Conservative principles impact the happiness and prosperity of all Americans?"

by Richie Lowe

Two hundred and fifty-eight years ago in Lexington, Kentucky, a gunshot was fired. It was that morning that marked the beginning of a revolution—the American Revolution. It was also on that morning that our country embarked on a journey that changed the world forever. From 1755-1783, thousands of men died in the Revolutionary War. Ask yourself this question:  “Why would so many men sacrifice their lives in an endeavor to challenge the British army in what seemed like an impossible war?” The answer is simple. It was for the same reason that 1,343,812 American men died in wars since. These men died to protect our rights as American citizens. It is the conservative principles of America, upon which this country was founded, that continue to ensure those rights. These rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Life can be defined as the general or universal condition of human existence. More simply stated, life is the quality of existence we live. Here in America, we live one of the highest qualities of life in the world. Our capitalistic economy, educational systems, religious freedoms, military, government, the right to vote, our access to knowledge, the freedom to travel, family, and many other things sustain this quality of life.

We know for a fact, from countless examples in history, that liberty is an essential right to further progression. This liberty is manifest in our country through the same things I have mentioned before.  Again, these are our capitalistic economy, our educational systems, our religious freedoms, our military, our government, our right to vote, our access to knowledge, our freedom to travel, our families, and a whole host of other things.

Our free market economy promotes specialization of labor and entrepreneurship, which places our economy as one of the best economies in the world. Our GDP (Gross Domestic Product) remains to this day as the highest in the world. Our freedom of public education places our nation as one of the top five most educated nations in the world. Our freedom of religion allows anyone of any ethnicity to live here and avoid persecution while practicing his or her beliefs. As a result, we are the most diverse country in the world. Our military gives us freedom while helping other countries to gain their freedom. My point is that our liberty has allowed American citizens to advance our nation to be the greatest nation on the earth.

We find happiness through the same things with which we sustain our quality of life and the same things that liberty ensures us.  However, I want to concentrate on three things: Family, religion, and economy.  If you ask people what brings them happiness, in general they will say, “My family, my religion, and financial security.” These three things bring true happiness to people, and most people in American society enjoy all three things. They exist as a result of our quality of life and the liberty we enjoy. These two things ensure that we live in the pursuit of happiness.

I have talked about what life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness have brought to American citizens.  However, I have not explained how conservative principles affect these things. Conservative principles support the Constitution. Without the Constitution, it is very unlikely that we would have any of these things. If the right to vote was not upheld by the Constitution, we could have lost the right to vote long ago. If a well-regulated militia was not upheld by an amendment to the Constitution, we could have lost the right to have access to a military long ago. If the principle of capitalism was not the dominant principle driving our economy, the government by now could be running our economy.  Heavy taxes that oppress people could exist if our founding fathers had not developed restrictions like “No taxation without representation.” Perhaps we would not even live under a democracy if power was not distributed through a constitutionally established structure of government. Our nation would not be what it is today if it were not for the Constitution.

Furthermore, the biggest supporters of the Constitution are the people who abide by Conservative principles. Conservative traditions and morals have allowed our Constitution to remain intact to this day. It is our Constitutuion that upholds our rights. It is up to us to continue to ensure that our Conservative traditions and morals uphold the Constitution for years to come. Only if we do this can and will American citizens remain free to pursue life, liberty, and the happiness.

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