Monday, March 4, 2013

2013 Wasatch County Organizing Convention Agenda and Resolutions

Below is the agenda and resolutions for the upcoming Wasatch County Organizing Convention.

2013 Wasatch County GOP Organizing Convention Agenda

DATE:  Saturday, March 16, 2013
PLACE:  Wasatch County Rec Center, 345 W. 600 S. Heber City, UT
TIME:  Delegate registration 8:30am, Convention begins 9:00am

1.  Welcome:  Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
2.  Prayer / Pledge: TBD
3.  Credentials Report: Secretary Betty Smedley      
4.  Adoption of Agenda: Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
5.  Officer Reports:
Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
Vice Chair Kendell Crittenden
Secretary Betty Smedley
Treasurer Brent Titcomb
Kim Powell, State Central Committee Rep

6.   Teenage Republicans Auxiliary: Colton Osguthorpe                                       
7.   Officer Elections: Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
8.   Bylaws Change: Morgan Murdock, Bylaws Chair
9.   Resolution on Heber Light & Power
10.  Resolution on Local Educational Control
11.  Adjourn


WHEREAS, public officials, both elected and appointed, both city and county based, should comply with both the letter and spirit of the laws and policies affecting the operations of government;

WHEREAS, public office should be used for the public good, not for personal gain;

WHEREAS, some members of the board of Heber Power and Light have used taxpayer's trusted funds for personal financial gain;

WHEREAS, in November 2011, elected officials, constituting the Board of Directors of Heber Light and Power voting themselves a large pay raise in the  amount of over $1,500 per month;

WHEREAS, this pay raise was implemented as “in lieu of Health Insurance Benefits;”

WHEREAS, in addition to the future pay raise, the Board voted themselves retroactive  “Health Insurance Benefits” payment from July 2011 for a lump sum amount of over $10,000.

WHEREAS, several hundred Wasatch County residents petitioned for a cessation of these pay raises;  after the petition and public outrage, the Board finally terminated the future pay raise;

WHEREAS, the majority of the recipients of this money for these ”in lieu of Health Insurance Benefits” either did not accept the money, or have returned it;

WHEREAS, the State Auditor's office, after an investigation, presented a report to Heber Light and Power declaring that “the policy should be voided until the appropriate procedures have been followed”;

Therefore, we, the delegates of the Wasatch County Republican Convention, hereby call on the remainder of those elected officials, who  have retained the payments from this “pay raise” and the  retroactive money, to forthwith return any and all money they have received as a  result of this, which should have been voided.

BE IT RESOLVED that the money should be returned;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that public deliberations and processes in all future cases shall be conducted openly, and posted prominently, unless legally confidential, in an atmosphere of respect and civility.
Further, we call upon the respective governing bodies to formally request a return of all moneys received by their members and consider a reprimand to those who have failed, for over a year to take the ethical and moral action and disavow this policy and return these moneys.

Let this serve as continuing notice that the Wasatch County Republican Party will continue to dedicate itself to an ethical government of service and protection of individual rights.


WHEREAS, President Reagan campaigned on the principle of local control in education and desired to dismantle the U.S. Department of Education;

WHEREAS, the US. Department of Education is a one-size-fits all, top-down approach to education that violates the principles of limited government and local control endorsed by the Wasatch County Republican Party. 

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, THAT the Wasatch County Republican Party supports Ronald Reagan and calls upon our representatives and state leaders to take action to reduce and eliminate our commitments to the U.S. Department of Education, to the federal funding that has removed local control and is influencing Utah's state standards through a common core leading to a national curriculum and assessment.

THEREFORE BE IT ALSO RESOLVED, THAT this resolution shall be sent to the Utah State Legislature, the Governor and the Utah Congressional Delegation for implementation.  

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