Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Agenda For Next County Central Committee Meeting

There are many exciting changes and challenges facing the Republican Party right now. At our next central committee meeting we will be talking about the changes to the caucus system for 2014.    

These changes include:

(1) A pre-meeting right before caucus to meet those that are running for delegate and officer positions.

(2) Electronic check-in to reduce check-in time to fifteen minutes or less.

(3) A same day absentee ballot system to allow those that can’t attend to cast a vote. 

(4) Changing the name of the meeting to “Neighborhood Caucus Election”. 

(5) Guidelines that the meeting should be more friendly, open, welcoming and respectful. Also that the meeting should last no more than two hours. 

(6) A new faster voter procedure. 

At our upcoming meeting, we will be voting on the new proposed caucus voting procedure.  We will also be voting on supporting the group that has been organized to protect the neighborhood caucus meetings, called Utah First. 

Utah First is a non-partisan PIC (political issues committee) with support from leaders across the state from both parties.  They are working to stop the “Count My Vote” referendum that seeks to change Utah to a direct primary system.  You can get more information on Utah First at

Best Regards,

Aaron Gabrielson, County Party Chair

Wasatch County GOP Central Committee Agenda

DATE:  Tuesday, November 19, 2013
PLACE:  Wasatch County Building, 25 N. Main Street, Heber City
TIME:  7:00pm

1.      Welcome:   Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
2.      Prayer / Pledge:   TBD
3.      Adoption of Agenda:   Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
4.      Approval of Minutes:  Betty Smedley
5.      Officer Reports:
Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
Vice Chair Morgan Murdock
Treasurer Brent Titcomb

6.   Essay Contest:  Chairman Aaron Gabrielson              
7.   Caucus Voting Procedure:   Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
8.   Resolution in support of Caucus System:   Chairman Aaron Gabrielson  
9.   Financial Support of Utah First:   Chairman Aaron Gabrielson
10.  Caucus Locations:   SCC Rep Kim Powell
11. Adjourn

Wasatch GOP Calendar - Updates available at
Tuesday, November 19th - County Central Committee Meeting
Tuesday, January 14th - County Central Committee Meeting
Saturday, February 8th - Lincoln Day Breakfast
Thursday, March 20th - Neighborhood Caucus Election Night
Thursday, April 3rd - Wasatch County Nominating Convention
Saturday, April 26th - Utah Republican State Nominating Convention
Tuesday, June 24th - Utah primary election day (Tentative)
Tuesday, November 4th - General Election Day

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