Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Resolution Supporting the Caucus Convention System Passed

At tonight's Wasatch County GOP central committee meeting we passed the below resolution and donated $1,500 to Utah First in defense of the caucus convention system. 

A Resolution In Support of the Utah Caucus Convention System and Utah First

WHEREAS, The Wasatch County Republican Party believes the caucus convention system should be protected against the Count My Vote initiative which would implement a direct primary for all county and state elections; and, 

WHEREAS, We support the local, civic involvement of the delegate system where every elected official must meet face to face with the individuals in our community; and,

WHEREAS, We believe the political voice of our rural county will be diminished by a direct primary where campaign advertising will be focused on urban areas of the state, and the incentive to visit small rural counties will be reduced; and,

WHEREAS, We seek to avoid the added influence of money and special interests that come with a direct primary system, where candidates require larger budgets to run mass-market campaigns against multiple opponents; and,

WHEREAS, We oppose the undemocratic nature of a direct primary where a majority of voters is not required to be selected as the nominee; and,

WHEREAS, A political issues committee (PIC) called Utah First has been organized by grassroots volunteers from across Utah to defend the caucus convention system;

BE IT RESOLVED, That the Wasatch County Republican Party fully supports the efforts of Utah First and pledges the resources of our party to assist in protecting our caucus convention system against the Count My Vote initiative.

Passed by unanimous vote of the Wasatch County Republican Central Committee on 11/19/2013

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