Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2014 Neighborhood Caucus Elections are March 20th.

Every two years, each neighborhood meets together to choose delegates to represent them. These delegates have the important responsibility of narrowing down candidates for the primary and general election. You can help choose these delegates, or be a delegate yourself by attending your Neighborhood Caucus Election on Thursday, March 20th at 7pm

Find Your Precinct Meeting

Caucus locations for each precinct are posted here.  

You can find your precinct number here. 

You can also find your precinct using the maps posted here.

Pre-register, Pre-Nominate, Or See Whose Running

You can register in advance, or declare yourself a candidate for a precinct office at the new VoterClick website here:  VoterClick Website .  Remember, you can still nominate at the caucus meeting. Also, if you are not currently a registered Republican, you can affiliate at the door of the meeting.  

Meet Your Precinct Candidates at 6pm

Each precinct will be holding a "Meet The Candidate Meeting" before the caucus begins.  If you would like to discuss the issues and meet anyone running this is your chance. These open meetings begin at 6pm at your caucus location.  

Can't Attend On Caucus Night?  Vote Absentee!  

Absentee voting is allowed this year. Ballots are only available 24 hours in advance of Caucus night at the VoterClick website here: VoterClick Website

Learn More About Utah's Caucus System

The videos below are a great introduction to the Neighborhood Caucus system.  

 Come Join With Us

 Preserve Our Neighborhood Caucus System

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