Monday, February 3, 2014

Essay Contest Submission By Carson Guymon - 4th Grade

"What lessons should Americans today draw from the Gettysburg Address?"

By Carson Guymon- 4th grade

Four score and seven years ago was the start of the address delivered at the dedication of the cemetery at Gettysburg by Abraham Lincoln on November 19, 1863.    This was one of the most important messages of all time.  It teaches us that “all men are created equal.”  It means that regardless of race, age, religion, or income, we should all be treated with respect.  It also teaches us that we can work together as a nation to achieve great things, and we can all improve ourselves.

Slaves were treated unfairly.  They were not given enough food and were beaten.  The Civil War was fought to help change this.  There are also unfair things that happen today.  There are students in my school that are not respectful of others.  I have seen bullies being mean by calling people names, not letting people join in, and tripping people.  I have been treated that way myself.  It makes me sad when this happens.  Bullies can make people hurt inside.  Abraham Lincoln was a bully-blocker.  He defended women and children from mean people.  We all need to be kind to others.  We can honor the soldiers who died fighting for freedom in battle by obeying the Golden Rule.  We should treat others the way we want to be treated. 

The Civil War could have been avoided if the North and South states would have come to an agreement about slavery before they started fighting.  We can all learn from history.  We can give and take, so there is a more peaceful ending.  I play on a 4th grade basketball team.  I have learned that in order to win a game, you have to play as a team.  When a player is selfish and hogs the ball, the whole team suffers.  This nation needs to work together and play as a team.  When one group is selfish, we all suffer.

Abe Lincoln inspired people to change for the better.  He was an honest man.  One time, Abe Lincoln was working at a country store.  There was a customer that paid him more than needed.  Abe closed the store and walked a long distance so he could repay the money.  Another time, Abe weighed out a package of tea for a customer.  Abe accidentally gave her less tea than she paid for.  Abe put the extra tea into a bag and took it to her, even though she didn't realize that she didn't get enough tea.  That is why he was called “Honest Abe”.  Telling the truth is a great lesson for everyone regardless of age. I want to follow Abraham Lincoln's example and always be honest.

We are so blessed to live in this wonderful country where we have freedom.  There are so many people that have died fighting for our freedom.  We can honor them by making our country better by each doing our part.  We can do better by treating others with kindness and respect, working together as a team, and being honest.

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