Monday, February 16, 2015

Lincoln Day Essay by Aaron Wade Johnson, 12th Grade

 “Utah is widely regarded as one of the best managed states in America. What impact have Republican principles had on the success of our state? How can the Utah model help address the challenges facing America?”

By Aaron Wade Johnson, 12th Grade

I believe that Utah is among the best managed states because of its pro-business republican principles. For the most part, Republicans believe in allowing businesses and individuals to regulate the economy rather than relying on governments to step in. This approach is something that could greatly help the American Economy.

Instead of trying to step in and fix the economy by taxing or regulating individuals and businesses, governments should strive to allow the individuals, businesses, and the economy itself, to fix the economy. This being said, it would be illogical for the government to step out of the picture completely, but it might be helpful to change some habits and regulations.

Another thing that might help the United States Government would be to follow the same law that is placed on its states: No individual State governments are allowed to post budget deficits in a fiscal year summary or report. While states are strongly discouraged, there is no such limit placed on the federal government. While this policy is not specifically Republican, many of the pro-business policies of the Republican Party are what allow Utah to maintain a budget in line with this federal law. This pro-business look greatly influences our state economy, earning us top rankings in the nation such as debt per capita: $2,577 (17th lowest); Budget Deficit: 8.2% (32nd largest); and an Unemployment rate of 5.7% (tied for 10th lowest) (information drawn from “Best- and worst-run states: Survey of all 50.” USA Today).

If the United States Government were to model more of its actions and policies after Republican ideals and characteristics, America, its economy, and its 316 million citizens could greatly benefit.

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