Monday, February 16, 2015

Lincoln Day Essay by Caleb Roper, 7th Grade

“Utah is widely regarded as one of the best managed states in America. What impact have Republican principles had on the success of our state? How can the Utah model help address the challenges facing America?”

By Caleb Roper, 7th Grade

Utah is one of the best-managed states in the United States of America. What Republican principle values benefit people in Utah? What principles make Utah one of the best-managed states? To decide how well states are managed, they look at the state’s debt, revenue, employment, crime, education, and health of the citizens that live there. States that have strong Republican principles are higher up on the list of well-managed states. One of those principles is to stay out of debt. This is a really good habit to have because when something comes up and you need a little bit of money, the last thing you need is to know that you owe money to someone else and it’s always nice when you have enough money to share.

Republicans believe in being thrifty with other people’s money. They believe in having smaller government. They like it when less people are in charge and they feel like they have a choice. They believe no one should be forced to give their hard-earned money to people who don’t want to work. The believe that everyone should make their own living but they understand that sometimes people get in a situation where they are sick or lose a job and need a little help. Republicans like to choose if they want to give money to help people.

Republicans believe in freedom of choice when it comes to healthcare, education, and employment. Freedom of choice matters because without freedom people will lose the motivation to want a job or an education, especially when it’s easier to just take money from the government. Eventually though, the government will run out of other people’s money.

When it comes to education some people believe that if you spend more per student then they will get better test scores. Utah has proven that you have can spend less and still learn and have really good test results. Utah spends less per student than any other state, but the test scores are some of the top in the country. In Republican principles, that proves that you don’t have to go into more debt or take more tax money just to give your child a good education.

Republicans believe that they don’t have all the answers and they are open to other people’s thoughts and ideas. They try to be tolerant and they believe that everyone can have an opinion to share. It’s important to listen to other people so they feel included.

In order for a state to be well-managed, people have to want to live there. There has to be less restrictions and more options so businesses can grow and people can have good jobs. That attracts people to Utah and the more people, the better. Keeping our lakes, buildings, trails, and other resources clean and ready to use also brings people to Utah.  Republicans have done a lot of things to help Utah be a well-managed state and that’s something that I think the rest of the country should pay attention to so we can all be successful. 

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