Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wasatch County Republican
Neighborhood Caucus 
Presidential Preference Election
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
Meet the Candidates 6-7 PM (all locations)
Official Meeting Begins at 7 PM
Vote for precinct officers, county & state delegates, and U.S. President!

This year voters will be able to cast their Republican Presidential Preference ballot either online (7am-11pm), at the Neighborhood Caucus, or by absentee ballot.
(There will not be a Presidential Primary in June.)

Sign up in advance for the caucus and/or for the
Presidential Election at
Click on “Caucus Pre-Registration” or click on “Online Voting for President”. Scroll down and select Wasatch County, fill out the form (Voter ID optional), indicate whether you will vote for President online or in person at your caucus, and submit the form. If you choose to vote for President online you will be issued a unique PIN number which will be used to vote on March 22. If you choose not to vote online you can vote in person at the caucus or by absentee ballot. 
If you do not sign up in advance at you can still vote at caucus for officers, delegates, and for President.

Anyone can attend a caucus meeting; however, in order to participate one must live in the precinct, be at least 18 years of age by the general election date, and be a registered Republican. Those who are not registered Republicans can register at: or they can affiliate as Republican at caucus meetings on March 22.

Please visit for precinct maps, caucus locations, and contact info. To request tickets to the SLC Presidential Debate and for additional caucus info. visit 

Direct any questions to:
County GOP Chair, Morgan Murdock:    435-671-1005  

County GOP Vice Chair, Jim Green:    801-636-9903

or any Precinct Chair/Host (chair names and contact info. at