Sunday, November 20, 2016

Two Officer Vacancies in the 
Wasatch County GOP

The election is over! Republicans won the Presidency, kept control of the House and the Senate, and won various Governor seats and State Legislature positions across the country. In Utah Republicans also won various state positions and positions in Wasatch County. We applaud the efforts of all those who ran for office and congratulate those who were elected. To all who voted in the General Election we thank you for fulfilling this very important civic duty.

For various reasons, two officers in the Wasatch County GOP have recently resigned: Steve Capson, Rep. to the State Central Committee, and Marge Carlile, Secretary. We greatly appreciate their willingness to run for office in the spring of 2015 and for their dedication and service on the Executive Committee for the past 1 ½ years. They spent countless hours attending meetings and conventions, organizing for caucus night, assisting with the Lincoln Day Breakfast, studying the issues, and meeting with candidates. We are grateful for all they have done for the Wasatch County GOP and wish them the very best in all of their endeavors.

According to our County Bylaws, the County Central Committee (comprised of all precinct chairs, precinct vice-chairs, and executive committee members) is required to meet to “appoint a successor [for both positions] by a majority vote”.  A Wasatch County Central Committee Meeting and Special Election will be held on Tuesday, November 29, 2016 at 7 PM at the Heber City Police Department at 301 South Main Street in Heber. We must have a quorum in order to conduct this important business, so we ask that all committee members please make arrangements to attend!

Any registered Republicans who are residents of Wasatch County are eligible to run for either of these two positions. If you know of anyone in your precincts who meets the criteria and who may be interested in either of these positions please pass on this information to them and encourage them to attend the meeting on November 29. During the meeting those who are running for these positions will give speeches. The Central Committee will then vote, and the vacancies will be filled. 

The individual who is selected to fill the Secretary position will serve until the County Organizing Convention in the spring of 2017. The Secretary is an automatic County Delegate. The individual who is selected to fill the position of Rep. to the State Central Committee will be an automatic State Delegate and will serve through the State Organizing Convention on May 20, 2017. (The County Central Committee will elect a Rep. to the State Central Committee at the County Organizing Convention. Whoever is elected will take office at the conclusion of the State Organizing Convention on May 20, 2017.) 

Any individuals interested in running for either of these two positions are asked to email Morgan Murdock at by Saturday, November 26. This will enable the Executive Committee to provide interested candidates with information regarding the positions and the election procedures.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at any time by email or by phone.

Best Regards,

Morgan Murdock
Wasatch County GOP Chair