Friday, May 26, 2017

2017 State GOP Organizing Convention

On Saturday, May 20th, various state delegates from Wasatch County attended the 2017 State GOP Organizing Convention at the South Towne Convention Center. We appreciate all who attended.

The following are the results:

State GOP Officer Election

Chair: Rob Anderson (66%)

Vice-Chair: Joni Crane (66%)

Secretary: Lisa Shephard (55%)

Treasurer: Abram Young (acclamation)

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Update on 2017 County GOP Organizing Convention & Posting of New Media Specialist Position

On behalf of the Wasatch County GOP Executive Committee, I would like to thank all county delegates and others who attended the Organizing Convention on April 27th. We realize that there were a number of other meetings and events in the community and appreciate those who took the time to be there. 

We are grateful to all of the elected officials who attended and spoke. We appreciated hearing an update on current issues and on some of the work that they are doing in their various roles in the state and in the county. We thank them for their dedication and service.

We appreciate those who were willing to run for or continue serving in a county party position.
The following are the County Party Officers:

Chair:  Morgan Murdock 

Vice-Chair:  Jared Rigby

No one filed to run for Chair or Vice-Chair before the deadline. According to the County Party Bylaws, "If no declarations are received, the current County Chair and/or County Vice-Chair shall retain his/her/their seat(s)."

Secretary: Michelle Holmes (uncontested race; elected by acclamation)

Treasurer:  Brent Titcomb

Rep. to State Central Committee: Renee Green (uncontested race; elected by acclamation)

A few amendments to the County Party Bylaws were proposed and were approved unanimously. The Bylaws posted on reflect the recent amendments. One of the amendments was the addition of a new position to the County GOP Executive Committee: Media Specialist

The new bylaw states:

2.2.5 Media Specialist. The Media Specialist will provide Wasatch County Republican Party information to members of the County Party and to the public by doing the following: regularly update the County Party Website, post information on social media, write and submit press releases and news articles, and publish notices and advertisements of upcoming meetings, conventions, Neighborhood Caucus Elections, and other events. All public communications must be approved by the County Party Chair or Vice Chair. (Any interviews by the media will take place with the Chair or Vice-Chair.) The Media Specialist shall serve as a member of the County Central Committee and shall perform all other duties assigned by the Chair. The Media Specialist shall be an automatic delegate to the County Conventions.

According to the County Party Bylaws, “In the event of a vacancy…the County Central Committee…shall appoint a successor by a majority vote.” 

We will have a County GOP Central Committee Meeting on 
Thursday, May 25th at 7:00 PM 
at the Heber City Police Dpt. Community Room 
(301 S. Main St. Heber) to appoint a Media Specialist. 
All precinct chairs and vice-chairs are expected to attend. 
The meeting is also open to the public.

Any residents of Wasatch County who are registered Republicans are eligible to be considered for this position. The individual who is appointed will serve for the remainder of the two-year term (until the County Organizing Convention in 2019). If you are interested in being considered for the new Media Specialist position or if you would like to know more about the position, please email Morgan Murdock at as soon as possible. If you know of qualified individuals who may be interested in serving in this position, please forward this information to them.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me or any member of the Executive Committee at any time. 

Best Regards,

Morgan Murdock
Wasatch County GOP Chair