2017 Lincoln Day Essay Contest (Grades 5-12 and Adults)

Wasatch County Republican Party
2017 Lincoln Day Essay Contest
Over $400 in Cash Prizes

Categories and Prizes
Intermediate School: Grades 5-6 ($75)
Middle School: Grades 7-8 ($100)
High School: Grades 9-12 ($150)
Adult: 18 years of age or older (not high school student) ($150)

Abraham Lincoln is viewed by many historians as one of the greatest presidents in American history for winning the Civil War, reuniting a divided nation, and abolishing slavery.

Using between 500 and 1,500 words write an essay on the following topic:

What lessons from the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln would you share with President Trump and his administration to guide them in their efforts to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution”?
  • The goal of this essay contest is to encourage participants to read and research in order to better understand the strengths of Lincoln’s presidency and describe how those lessons can help inspire and guide President Trump and his administration as they face the complex challenges and decisions of our day.
  • The essay contest is open to all Wasatch County residents in grades 5-12 and adults. Submissions are limited to one per person.
  • Each essay must reflect the contestant’s independent and original thinking, research, and writing.
  • Each contestant must type first and last name at the top of his/her essay. Names will be removed before judging takes place.
  • Digital Application: All contestants must complete, attach, and email an Application together with the essay. To complete the digital application, click the following link:
    • Type information into text fields. Minors must have a parent/guardian complete the consent portion at the bottom of the Application. Save Application to desktop as last name.application.docx, and email as an attachment along with essay to wasatchgop@gmail.com. Essays must be submitted in plain text format.
    • All submissions become the property of the Wasatch County Republican Party.
    • Submission Deadline: Saturday, February 18 at midnight 
    • All category winners will receive free admission to the Wasatch County Lincoln Day Breakfast on February 25th at the Soldier Hollow Clubhouse. There they will be recognized and will receive their prize money.

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